AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-09Got polymorphism to work with UIORIG_HEADMelik Houij
2022-09-01fixed segmentation fault at the end of runtime, check readmeMelik Houij
2022-08-31got a working UI element with scene switching!!!Melik Houij
2022-08-31added proper formatting for button input's allowing for press, hold,Melik Houij
2022-08-30UI effects for choosing options, no actualfunctionMelik Houij
2022-08-29using bitsets instead of bitwise nowMelik Houij
2022-08-25Extended pause screen, will work some moreMelik Houij
2022-07-29got Pausing to work, also will start working againMelik Houij
2022-06-24added basic UI elementMelik Houij
2022-05-27added unfinished UI objectMelik Houij
2022-05-27Better documentation and removing uneeded commentsMelik Houij
2022-05-27got it working nowMelik Houij
2022-05-27kind of got using one shader to workMelik Houij
2022-05-24Text Rendering works!Melik Houij
2022-05-22halfway done with adding text inMelik Houij
2022-05-21using sfml instead because irrklang only supports glibc systemsMelik Houij
2022-05-20i finally found it AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMelik Houij
2022-05-17added basic scene objectMelik Houij
2022-05-16added scene objectMelik Houij
2022-05-14IT WORKSirrklang-intMelik Houij
2022-05-11initial commit most all of these files are from foresteer since it mightMelik Houij