BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
Cmake-branchCmake branch, try to get cmake workingMelik Houij5 months
ORIG_HEADGot polymorphism to work with UIMelik Houij3 weeks
OpenAL-integrationnew branch openAL integration for integrating with openALMelik Houij5 months
PolymorphismUIFixadded polymorphism, but it's buggyMelik Houij4 weeks
SoLoud-intnew branch for SoLoud integrationMelik Houij5 months
irrklang-intIT WORKSMelik Houij5 months
masterim about to do somethingMelik Houij12 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 daysim about to do somethingHEADmasterMelik Houij
12 daysfixed polymorphismMelik Houij
13 daysbroken: virtual functionMelik Houij
2022-09-09fixed the bug somehowMelik Houij
2022-09-05added polymorphism, but it's buggyPolymorphismUIFixMelik Houij
2022-09-01added in game display for inputs and fixed a bugMelik Houij
2022-09-01fixed segmentation fault at the end of runtime, check readmeMelik Houij
2022-08-31got a working UI element with scene switching!!!Melik Houij
2022-08-31added proper formatting for button input's allowing for press, hold,Melik Houij
2022-08-30UI effects for choosing options, no actualfunctionMelik Houij